The list of 4483 political prisoners  who were executed during 
 the massacre of 1988 by the regime of Islamic republic in IRAN
(4) 4
Last Name,  First Name  Place of Birth, Age Type of Execution Organizational
Haadi   Firing squad Mojahedeen  
Haadi 25 Hung Mojahedeen  
Haadi 28, Aabkenaar Anzal Firing squad Mojahedeen  
Haadi Beyki, Behzad Kermanshah, 29 Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Haadi Khanloo, Amir Houshang   Hung    
Haadi Khanloo, Bijan   Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Haadi, Naser        
Haadipour, Gholamreza Roodsar, 26   Mojahedeen  
Haadipour, Saed Ahmad 37 Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Haadipour, Saed Ahmad Shooshtar, 37 Hung Mojahedeen  
Haadizadeh, Mortezah Ahvaz, 22 Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Haadyan, Haadi Nahavand, 23 Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Haadyan, Hamid Reza   Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Haadyan, Karim Nahavand, 31 Hung Mojahedeen  
Haashemi Bajgirani, Saed Jamshid Abadan, 29 Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Haashemi, Amir Tabriz, 28 Hung Mojahedeen  
Haashemi, Hossein Noshahr, 22 Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Haashemi, Jamshid        
Haashemi, Mehdokht Tehran Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Haashemi, Mohammad   Hung Mojahedeen  
Haashemi, Mortezah Esfahan, 26 Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Haashemi, Naaser 22 Hung Mojahedeen  
Haashemi, Parvin 27 Hung Mojahedeen  
Haashemi, Paryoosh Tehran, 26 Hung Mojahedeen  
Haashemi, Saeed Tehran, 26 Hung Mojahedeen  
Haashemi, Saeed Jafar (Taher) Torbat Heydaryeh, 30 Hung Mojahedeen  
Haashemian Ghazvin Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Haashemian, Abolfazl 24 Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Haashemian, Mahtab        
Haashemian, Mina Ghazvin, 17 Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Haashemian, Mohammad Ghazvin, 33 Explosion Mojahedeen  
Haashempour, Sadrollah Shiraz Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Haavsheki, Reza Sahre Babak, 22 Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Habibakhbari- Ferdos Esfahan 26 Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Habibi- Ebrahim Tehran 31  Hung Mojahedeen  
Habibi- Hasan        
Habibi- Jaber Marand-26 Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Habibi- Mansour        
Habibi- Nadder        
Habibifoladkhohi- Nadder      Fadaeian   
Habibradmard( Habibpoor)- Man    Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Hadadimogadam- Mohamadsaeed     Rahe karegar   
Hadadpoor- Masihollah 26 Hung Mojahedeen  
Haeri- parvin 29 Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Hafezinia- Mohamadali 25 Hung Mojahedeen  
HaghAmini- Hamid         
Haghany-Ali Babol 24 Firing Squad  Mojahedeen  
Haghany-Hosain Lahijan 23 Firing Squad  Mojahedeen  
HaghBalini- Bijan         
HaghBayan- Gholam        
HaghBayan- Gholamreza        
Haghdoust-Mahboub  Astara  Firing Squad  Mojahedeen  
Haghighat Khah -Yahya Lahijan  Firing Squad  Mojahedeen  
Haghighatgu-Mohamad hosain   Tehran 30 Firing Squad  Mojahedeen  
Haghighat-Hasan    Firing Squad  Mojahedeen  
Haghighi-Aghil Ghaemshar 30 Hung  Mojahedeen  
HaghighiFard-Mohamad    Firing Squad  Mojahedeen  
Haghighi-Manzar  Tehran Firing Squad  Mojahedeen  
Haghighi-Saeed   Hung  Mojahedeen  
Haghighi-Shahin 23 Firing Squad  Mojahedeen  
HaghShenas-Golamabas  Fasa 29 Firing Squad  Mojahedeen  
Haghvoroudy mamaghany-Ali  Mamaghan Tabriz 28 Firing Squad  Mojahedeen  
HaghyManbah-Hamid  Tabriz 23 Hung  Mojahedeen  
Haghy-Mehdy  Tabriz 18 Firing Squad  Mojahedeen  
Hagighatian-Majid  Esfaraien 36 Firing Squad  Mojahedeen  
Hagigianroudsary-Alinaghy Roudsar 29 Firing Squad  Mojahedeen  
Hagigianroudsary-Zahra  Roudsar Firing Squad  Mojahedeen  
Hajizadeh- Masoud Shiraz 20 Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Hajabdolazimnargi- Mohamad  36 hung Mojahedeen  
Hajaghai- Abolghasem Abhar 23 Hung Mojahedeen  
Hajaghai- Behrooz Abhar 23 Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Hajakbari-Soheilah   Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Hajali- Mahboubeh 26 Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Hajaribajastani- Abass     Tude party of Iran  
Hajasgari- Nasser Zanjan23 Hung Mojahedeen  
Hajesfanigahromi- (Man)    Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Haji- Ali Shahriyar 32  Hung Mojahedeen  
Hajian ( Hajinejad)- Leila 25 Hung Mojahedeen  
Hajian- Neila Tehran 23  Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Hajiangaledarasl- Fatemeh Abadan 29 Firing Squad  Mojahedeen  
Hajiani- Hamid Shiraz Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Hajiannejat- Leila Tehran26   Mojahedeen  
Hajiannejat- Mehdi     Tude party of Iran  
Hajiasgari- Nasser Sanjan 23 Hung Mojahedeen  
Hajimaleki- Eshagh     Tude party of Iran  
Hajimohamadi- Mazaher        
Hajinejad- Ali Khoy 28 Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Hajinejat- Leila Tehran 26 Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Hajisalehy- Aliasghar Lahijan 27  Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Hajizadeh- Leila ( Sedgheh)   Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Hajmiresmaeli- Zohreh 25 Hung Mojahedeen  
Hajmirzay- Farhad        
Hajmohamadi- Alireza        
Hajmohamadi- Habib        
Hajmiressmaili- Zohreh 25 Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Hajmouhsen- AmirHousen        
Hajmouhsen- Housan 29   Rahe karegar   
Hajsamadi- Alireza Ardabil 32 Hung Mojahedeen  
Hakimi- Syrous    Firing Squad  Mojahedeen  
Hakiminjad -Ahmad         
Hakimiriyzy bandy         
Hakimi-Shahriar  Tehran 27 Firing Squad  Mojahedeen  
Halany- khairollah    Firing Squad  Mojahedeen  
Halati- Amir        
Halimy Asl- Nasser       Fadaeianorg majority  
Halimynjad - Ahmad         
Halvaee Behbahan   Firing Squad  Mojahedeen  
Hamamy-Mohamad  Gouchan 30 Hung  Mojahedeen  
Hamed- heydardoost- Nader Tehran 25 Hung Mojahedeen  
Hamedani Faraaz, Mortezah Hamedan, 29   Mojahedeen  
Hamedani, Farhad Karand, 17 Hung Mojahedeen  
Hamedani, Hassan Sanandaj, 33 Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Hamedanian, Kazem     Fadaiaan Majority  
Hamedi- Goli 23 Hung Mojahedeen  
Hamid 21, Andimeshk Firing squad Mojahedeen  
Hamidy-Fereshteh Tehran 23  Hung  Mojahedeen  
Hamidyian- Alinaghy         
Hamidy-Sohila Tehran 23  Hung  Mojahedeen  
Hamidy-Zahra  23 Hung  Mojahedeen  
Hamjavar, Firooz     Tude party of Iran  
Hamjavar, Mohammad Taghi     Fadaian Majority  
Hamjavar, Soheila        
Hamzehee-Fatemeh  Tehran 30  Hung  Mojahedeen  
Hamzehlueyan-Mohamad  Arak 23 Firing Squad  Mojahedeen  
Hanaee-Mohamad Reza  Mashad  Hung  Mojahedeen  
Hanaee-Mohsen     Hung  Mojahedeen  
Handijani, Farid Anzali, 25 Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Handijani, Farideh        
Hanyf   Firing Squad  Mojahedeen  
Hanyfeh pourziba -Daroush  Tehran 26  Hung  Mojahedeen  
Hanyfy (Hanyf)-Roghieh  Tehran 30 Hung  Mojahedeen  
Hanyfzadeh- Fraydoun  Dezful 21 Firing Squad  Mojahedeen  
Hariri- Abas   Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Hariri- Ahmad 17 Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Hariri- Jahfar Sanjan 28 Hung Mojahedeen  
Hariri- Khalil Zanjan 21 Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Hariri- Maghsoud   Firning Squad Mojahedeen  
Hariri- Mahmood        
Hariri- Mansour Rasht 33 Hung Mojahedeen  
Hariri- Masoud 28 Hung Mojahedeen  
Hariri- Masoud   Hung Mojahedeen  
Hadidi- Mohmadtaghi Esfahan 24 Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Hariri- Nadder        
Hariri- Yaghoob Zanjan  Firing Squad  Mojahedeen  
Haririan- Masoud Tehran 34  Hung Mojahedeen  
Hariri-Mohsen Rasht 25 Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Hasanabadi- Mehdi Mashad 30  Hung Mojahedeen  
Hasani (Yekalam) Mahmood Tehran 28 Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Hasani- Davood Semnan  Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Hasani- Hasan Gavaran 35 Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Hasani- Mohamad 32 Hung Mojahedeen  
Hasani- Mohamadtaghi Sharood  Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Hasani- Mojtaba        
Hasani- Sayedahmad Tehran30 Hung Mojahedeen  
Hasani- Sayedhasan Tehran Hung Mojahedeen  
Hasani- Yaghob Ghomravange 28 Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Hasanipak- Mehdi     Tudeh party of Iran  
Hasanizadeh- Hamidreza   Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Hasankanikharegar- Mohamad        
Hasankhani- Mohamad        
Hasanpoor- Gholamreza Rasht 25 Hung Mojahedeen  
Hasanpoor- Hasan Uromeih 26 Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Hasanpoor- Latif Tehran 25 Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Hasanpoorkama- Gholamreza Rasht 25 Hung Mojahedeen  
Hasanpoorshirazy- Ebrahim     Tudeh party of Iran  
Hasanvand-    Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Hasanzadeh- Ali   Firing Squad    
Hasanzadeh- Fredoon Maragheh 23 Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Hasanzadeh- Ghasem Langharood 27 Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Hasanzadeh- Mehiyar Rasht 28 Hung Mojahedeen  
Hashem     Third Line  
Hasht o Chahar, Ali Abadan, 24 Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Hatami- Amir        
Hatami- Asatollah        
Hatami- Hedayatollah     Tudeh party of Iran  
Hatami- Mohamad         
Hatami- Rahim        
Hatamian- Bahram 26 Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Hatamian- Mouhsen Andmimeshk 23 Hung Mojahedeen  
Hatamikia- Amir Housain 27 Hung  Mojahedeen  
Hatamikia-Amirali Tehran 30 Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Hatef, Hojat        
Hatefi, Rahman (Monfared)     Tudeh party of Iran  
Havaakeshian, Ghadsieh (Hamideh) Esfahan, 30 Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Hayaty-Avaz Bandar Mahshar 25  Firing Squad  Mojahedeen  
Haydarnejad- Ahmad         
Haydarnejad- Karim         
Haydarnia fathabad-Saeed  Tabriz 17  Hung  Mojahedeen  
Haydarpour -Javid         
Haydary-Akbar 32 Firing Squad  Mojahedeen  
Haydary-Davood     Paykar   
Haydaryeh-Hosain Karbala 27  Firing Squad  Mojahedeen   
Haydaryeh-Mohamad  Karbala 23 Hung  Mojahedeen   
Haydary-Farah 30 Firing Squad  Mojahedeen   
Haydary-Farokh   Firing Squad  Mojahedeen   
Haydary-Hamid     Paykar   
Haydary-Mohamad  Hamedan Firing Squad  Mojahedeen   
Haydary-MohamadMehdi Paveh 25 Hung  Mojahedeen   
Haydary-MohamadReza  Gachsaran 25 Firing Squad  Mojahedeen   
Haydary-SayedAli Tehran 27  Hung  Mojahedeen  
Haydary-SayedMohamad    Firing Squad  Mojahedeen  
Haydary-Shahin Andimeshk 25  Firing Squad  Mojahedeen   
Haydaryshhy-SayedMohamad   Firing Squad  Mojahedeen  
Haydary-Shirin Damavand 29  Firing Squad  Mojahedeen   
Haydaryzadeh-Jasumeh Elam 27 Firing Squad  Mojahedeen  
HaydaryzadehMotlagh-Ahmad     Tudeh party of Iran  
Haydary-Zohreh Ghom 24 Firing Squad  Mojahedeen  
Haydarzadehmotlagh-Ahmad     Tudeh party of Iran  
Hazraty- Hosain  Sabzevar 30 Hung  Mojahedeen  
Hedavand Mirzayee, Roohollah Varamin, 25 Hung Mojahedeen  
Hedayati, Mohammad 29 Hung Mojahedeen  
Hedayati, Saed Reza Rasht, 28 Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Hejazi- Mahmood   Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Hejazi- Mohamadreza Tehran 28 Hung Mojahedeen  
Hejazi- Sayedreza Babolsar 22 Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Hemmati, Aghdas Semnan, 24 Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Hemmati, Hamid Reza Tehran, 31 Hung Mojahedeen  
Hemmati, Parvin Semnan, 21 Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Hesam- Sohelah Rasht 25 Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Hesami- Mohamadali Birjand Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Hesami- Saifollah Ahvaz 29 Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Heybati, Ahmad Kermanshah Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Heybati, Nosrat Kermanshah Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Heybodi, Yousef Ahvaz, 36 Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Hojrati, Mirzaman Astane Ashrafieh22 Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Hojrati, Vahid Kangavar, 29 Hung Mojahedeen  
Holakooyi, Sohrab     Koodeta Noojeh  
Holakooyi, Sohrab Esfahan, 45 Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Homayooni Raad, Mehdi   Hung Mojahedeen  
Homayooni, Parviz Zanjan, 23 Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Hooshang 27 Firing squad Mojahedeen  
Hooshi, Mahmood Tabriz, 23 Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Hooshmand, Amanollah (Bahman) Bolghan Lorestan, 25 Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Hooshmand, Esmaeel Tehran Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Hooshmand, Farshid   Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Hooshmand, Hamid        
Hooshmand, Hojatollah Abkenar, 26 Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Hooshmand, Jafar Tehran, 25 Hung Mojahedeen  
Hooshyari, Khalil     Fadaiaan Majority  
Hooshyari, Saeed Khalil        
Hosain 39 Firing squad Mojahedeen  
Hosain 32, Saraab Firing squad Mojahedeen  
Hosainian- Alitaghy        
Housainy-Abdollah   Firing Squad     
Housainy-Aboulfazel  Jahrom 27  Firing Squad  Mojahedeen  
Housainy-Akbar 21 Firing Squad  Mojahedeen  
Housainy-Alereza   Hung  Mojahedeen  
Housainy-Amir Hosain  Tehran 25 Hung  Mojahedeen  
Housainy-Atrat Gahrom 42 Firing Squad  Mojahedeen  
HousainyBarzy-Sayedsaeed  Barz Kashan 23 Hung  Mojahedeen  
Housainy-Esmaeel   Tehran 30 Firing Squad  Mojahedeen  
Housainy-Esmaeel   Kordestan    FadaeianMajority  
Housainy-Gholamhosain    Firing Squad  Mojahedeen  
Housainy-Habibollah  Shahre Ray 26 Hung  Mojahedeen  
Housainy-Hasan   Firing Squad  Mojahedeen  
Housainy-Hasan      Fadaeian org  
HousainyIraj-Hojatollah Esfaraien 30 Hung  Mojahedeen  
Housainy-Laila  31 Hung  Mojahedeen  
Housainy-Parviz Gachsaran 30 Firing Squad  Mojahedeen  
HousainyRajaby-Mohamad   Hung  Mojahedeen  
Housainy-Reza 25 Firing Squad  Mojahedeen  
Housainy-SayedAhmad Shiraz 30 Hung  Mojahedeen  
Housainy-SayedAkbar Ghalehdar Larestan31 Firing Squad  Mojahedeen  
Housainy-SayedHabib Gonbad Kavous 36 Hung  Mojahedeen  
Housainy-Sayedhasan Amol 28 Hung  Mojahedeen  
Housainy-SayedNasrollah Songor koliaee 24 Firing Squad  Mojahedeen  
Housainy-Sayedsaeed Natanz 24  Hung  Mojahedeen  
Housainyzadeh-Mehran Malayer 26 Hung  Mojahedeen  
Housan nejad - Mohamad         
Housan nejad-Mohsen      Tudeh party of Iran  
Housan zandy - Mehrdad  Tehran 25  Hung  Mojahedeen  
Housankhani- Davood  Tehran 25  Hung  Mojahedeen  
Housankhani- Houshang  35 Firing Squad  Mojahedeen  
Housankhani- Mohamad          
Housankhani- Mohamad ali      Tudeh party of Iran  
Housanpoor- Amir        
Housanpoor- issa Astaneh Ashrafieh 17 Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Housanpoor- Gholam   Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Housanpoor- Nazeli        
Housanpoor- Rahim        
Housanpoor- Reza Lahijan 29    Mojahedeen  
Housanpoor roudsary-Rahim     Rahe karegar   
Housanpoor- Shafie     Tudeh party of Iran  
Housanpoor- Shahpoor        
Housanpoor(father)  Astaneh Ashrafieh 61 Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Housanpoor-Mousah Astaneh Ashrafieh 19 Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Housanzadeh      Tudeh party of Iran  
Housanzadeh Arbani-Susan (Susan) Rasht 25  Firing Squad  Mojahedeen  
Housanzadeh-Manucher  Behbahan 27  Firing Squad  Mojahedeen  
Hoveyda, Mehran Tehran, 25 Hung Mojahedeen  
Hessam- Sohila  Rasht 25 Firing Squad  Mojahedeen  
Hvaegy- Nahid      Fadaeian org  
Igehay-Mostafa Tehran 30 Firing squad Mojahedeen  
Imani-Ali Tehran 22 Hung Mojahedeen  
Imanikhoshkhoo-Majid Lahijan 28 Firing squad Mojahedeen  
Irani-Majid      Fadaeian Majority  
Irani-Mohamadjavad 28 Hung Mojahedeen  
Iranpak-Hadi 25 Hung Mojahedeen  
Ivani-Majid   Firing squad    
Izadbeen(Izadi)-mohamad Karaj 23 Hung Mojahedeen  
Izadi-Alireza   Hung Mojahedeen  
Izadighasabsarayee-Ali Ghazvin   Mojahedeen  
Izadighasabsarayee-Alireza Somehsara 30 Hung Mojahedeen  
Izadi-Javad(Hesam) Hamedan 19 Firing squad Mojahedeen  
Izadi-Mehdi 25 Firing squad Mojahedeen  
Izadi-Mohamad Karaj 23 Firing squad Mojahedeen  
Izadi-Mohsen Shiras 25 Firing squad Mojahedeen  
Izadi-Mostafa Hamedan 22 Firing squad Mojahedeen  
Jabari- Alireza Ghazvin 37 Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Jabari- Jalal   Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Jabari- Jalil     Fadaeian org  
Jabari- Jamileh        
Jabari- Karim        
Jabari- Mohandes        
Jabarpoor- Jalil        
Jabarzadeh- Rasool     Rahe kargar  
Jabeli- Nahid        
Jadidi- Zarah 19 Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Jadidian- Alireza Mashad 27  Hung Mojahedeen  
Jadidoleslam- Abubakr        
Jadvali- Hasan        
Jafari- Akbar Langharood 23   Mojahedeen  
Jafari- Behnam Tehran 34 Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Jafari- Davood 26 Hung Mojahedeen  
Jafari- Moharamali Rasht 26 Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Jafari- Seydmohamadreza Sabzevar 26 Firing Squad  Mojahedeen  
Jafariafshar- Zafar Zanjan 27 Hung Mojahedeen  
Jafarian-Aghamohamad Semnan Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Jafarigorashy- Aziz Shiraz 29 Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Jafarzadeh- Davood   Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Jafarzadeh- Hasan Khoy Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Jafarzadeh- Iraj Tehran 25 Hung Mojahedeen  
Jafarzadeh- Mortezah Khoy Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Jafarzadegan- Nader   Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Jafarzademarandi- Mahmood Khoy 34 Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Jahan -Mojtaba    Firing Squad  Mojahedeen  
Jahanara - Hasan  Abadan 27  Hung  Mojahedeen  
Jahanbakhsh - Amir     Firing Squad  Mojahedeen  
Jahanbakhsh - Batoul         
Jahanbakhsh - Bozorg         
Jahanbakhsh - Ebrahim  Behbahan 31  Hung  Mojahedeen  
Jahanbakhsh - Jahangir      Tudeh party of Iran  
Jahanbakhsh- Hosain    Hung  Mojahedeen  
Jahanbiglary-Kamiar      Rahe karegar   
Jahandideh - Monir         
Jahangiri-Jafar 29 Firing Squad Allahgholi's group(left)  
Jahangiry-Ahmad  23 Firing Squad  Mojahedeen  
Jalal Abadi Farahani-Hadi Tehran 26 Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Jalal Vand-hemat        
Jalali Khah-Ali 28 Hung Mojahedeen  
Jalali Safari-Farhad Lahijan 25  Hung Mojahedeen  
Jalalian-Alireza Hamedan 25 Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Jalalian-Hadi Ghazvin 27 Frining Squad  Mojahedeen  
Jalalian-Mehdi Ghazvin 31 Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Jalali-Hasan ya Housein     Tudeh party of Iran  
Jalali-Kareem 27 Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Jalali-Kheirollah Tehran 29 Hung Mojahedeen  
Jalali-Mitra Kermanshah 29 Hung Mojahedeen  
Jalali-Mohammad Shahroud 26 Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
JalghazShahein Ghazvin 28 Hung Mojahedeen  
Jalili-Ali Hamedon Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Jalili-Bahman Lahijan 26 Hung Mojahedeen  
Jalili-Jafar Lahijan 32 Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Jalili-Nahid Tabriz 32 Hung Mojahedeen  
Jalilzadeh-Jahangir Khoy 27 Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Jamali-Mohsen Shahrood 24 Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Jamasebi- abdolmahmood Boroojerd 30  Hung Mojahedeen  
Jameanvari- Reza  Mashad 29 Hung Mojahedeen  
Jamedar- Amir (serious)  Abadan 33 Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Jamekalkhoran- Fahimeh 28 Hung Mojahedeen  
Jamei- Alireza Lahijan 29  Hung Mojahedeen  
Jamili-Esmaeil     Tudeh party of Iran  
Jamshedi-(Faramarz Father) Tehran Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Jamsheidi-Faramarz Tehran 24 Hung Mojahedeen  
Jamsheidi-Masood Tehran 26 Hung Mojahedeen  
Jamsheidi-Parvaneh Tehran Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Janatrostani-Mohomadreza Tonkabon 32 Hung Mojahedeen  
Janggalu-Ahmad Uromeih 26 Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Jangzadeh Mohomad Khoy 25 Hung Mojahedeen  
Jani- Abdolrasool 28 Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Jarar- Ghader Khoozestan    Majoriti  
Javan- Ghodratollah     Etehad Mobarezan  
Javan- Mohomad    Firing Squad  Mojahedeen  
Javan shogah -Ghasem  Tehran 31  Hung  Mojahedeen  
Javan shogah Mofrad-Gholamhosain  30 Firing Squad  Mojahedeen  
Javani- Akbar        
Javidfar- Dr. Jafar     Tudeh party of Iran  
Javidfar- Safollah        
Javidpoor- Bagher        
Javidyar- Ali   Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Javidyar- Masoud Khoramabad 24 Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Jebeli- Molah Ghaemshar 27 Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Jebreyli- Arfa Bejar 25 Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Jebreyli- Mohamadsaeed Bejar 30 Hung Mojahedeen  
Jelvehdar-Esmael   Hung Mojahedeen  
Jenabzadeh-Mohomad Ali Someisarah 32 Hung Mojahedeen  
Joreh- Farhad Shiraz 22 Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Jorehkalantary- Khalil Zanjan 25 Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Jostan- Robert    Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Joudaki - Farhad  Poldokhtar 30 Firing Squad  Mojahedeen  
Joudat - Hosain      Tudeh party of Iran  
Jozesarkardeh- Hojatolah Tehran 20 Firing Squad Mojahedeen  
Jozey-    Firing Squad Mojahedeen